Winds Take Out Green Garden Golf Dome


By Karen Haave

The giant golf dome at Green Garden Country Club collapsed again on Thursday under the stress of the cold, windy, rainy weather punishing the suburban area.
It was the second time in 13 years that the roof of the popular indoor golf center had given way.
The stadium is a favored winter recreation center for golfers who just can’t wait for mild weather and the greens.
Deputy Chief Paul Kinsella, Frankfort Fire Protection District, on Friday confirmed the roof’s collapse.
“This is a ‘balloon’ dome,” he explained. “It maintains its shape by being pressurized.
“A combination of rain and heavy snow and wind direction caused the roof to sag.
“It was then punctured by a light pole that was inside of the dome.
“This caused the roof to burst, like popping a balloon.
“There were no injuries, and the dome is unusable at this time.”
The giant dome located at 9511 W Manhattan-Monee Road was replaced in 2011 after it collapsed sometime during the blizzard on the night of February 1 into the early morning hours of February 2.
No one was in the popular stadium that time, and there were no injuries reported.
The fabric dome was in shreds the next morning when GGCC staffers arrived.
Although it was uncertain what caused that collapse, it was believed that the weather had a role in damaging the dome.
Gale-force winds, frigid temperatures and the weight of more than 20 inches of snow in that storm very likely caused the cave-in, officials said then.
Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Kinsella said there is no dollar loss estimate for the current domed replacement.
But in 2011, when asked the replacement cost, a Green Garden Country Club staffer smiled, “A lot.”
Karen Haave is freelance reporter.


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