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I have writer’s block. I always try to write what I believe is topical to farming and current life, in addition to being as humorous and entertaining as I can. I have many ideas, but would anyone find them entertaining, relevant, funny, or interesting?

Since I am still waiting for my Lamborghini to arrive (See my last column), I will write about random thoughts:

It has been a hot summer for many parts of the United States. Perhaps the news media is making it worse with some sensationalized reporting. Yes, it gets hot, and sometimes miserably humid. Is everyone supposed to quit working or living? Do they really expect the few people working outside to quit because the heat index is 105, 115, or higher?

When the going gets tough, the tough gripe about it and keep working; I guess everyone else runs for air conditioning. Water, lots and lots of water, and GOLD BOND powder are my allies in that kind of weather. Perhaps all the air conditioning is causing the outside to be so much hotter!

Is it possible that many who own a pickup truck have more money than sense. It appears that almost everyone that owns a truck has it to look “pretty” and doesn’t use it for actual work.

Not long ago I delivered hay with my “new” truck. Yes, I still call my 2008 Chevy the new truck. The customer griped about the cost of the hay to feed his horse. My wife Cora pointed out that he had not one, but two, GMC Denali pickup trucks parked in his driveway. They were immaculate.

I was unaware, but she informed me, they start at $70,000 or more, new. I now think I sold the hay too cheap.

To expand on this point, the other day, Cora decided to look up what was the #1 selling vehicle in the U.S. I told her before she could even complete her Google search that it is the Ford F-150 for 17 straight years. She found out I was right.

Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram and the GMC Sierra were 2, 3 and 6, respectively. Do you know how low their MPGs are? And that is not considering how aggressively I see many truck owners drive them.

Apparently, the price of these trucks and gasoline is not high enough if this is how many of us spend our money. I suspect that if I were to suggest gas-guzzling trucks may have contributed to our record hot summer, that an equal number would curse me as well as agree with me.

I hear complaints about the cost of food. It is still a huge bargain, in my opinion. We can go out for dinner and “treat” ourselves at a sit-down restaurant with two drinks and spend $60. That same $60 would buy enough food for several days’ worth of food to be cooked at home.

For example, I hear many people rave about one of our local restaurants. They usually follow that statement with, “I love their Margaritas.” Are you eating or drinking your dinner? One couple complained that it is pricey; it usually costs them $75-$100. How much alcohol are they drinking?

I find the food delicious and very reasonably priced at that same restaurant. Cora and I can ride our bikes there to eat a meal for $45, and then go buy groceries from the store and ride home at dusk. We eat some bugs for a free dessert while riding into the setting sun.

I must now go and cook a pound of hamburger for tacos tonight. My quick math shows that $6.99 for ground beef, plus some hard and soft shells with some tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese and sour cream will yield enough tacos for 5 meals for less than $20.

What a bargain!

I do have to state, I have not received any compensation to endorse Gold Bond powder, but it does wonders to prevent chafing on hot days, and I am more than open to receiving some compensation from the product’s owners, the Chattem corporation.


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