West Acres Multiple Homicide Suspect Found Dead in Texas

Police Lights

On January 22, 2024, at 12:08 PM, Officers responded to lthe 2200 block of West Acres Road following notification from Deputies from the Will County Sheriff’s Office, that while conducting investigative work in response to a homicide that took place in their jurisdiction on January 21, 2024, Deputies located multiple deceased individuals in two homes.

It was determined that while Deputies were on the scene, they discovered evidence of a possible crime scene at a residence at 2212 West Acres Road. Deputies made entry into the residence and located five individuals that appeared to be deceased from gunshot wounds.

A short time later, Deputies discovered another possible crime scene at 2225 West Acres Road and made entry into this home as well, locating two individuals also deceased from gunshot wounds.

Deputies contacted Officers and Detectives from the Joliet Police Department to respond to the scene.

During this investigation, Detectives quickly identified 23-year-old Romeo Nance as a suspect in the homicides on West Acres Road and it was believed that he was also involved in a fatal shooting being investigated by the Will County Sheriff’s Office as well as a non-fatal shooting in Joliet.

Both of these shootings took place on January 21, 2024. At the time, information about Romeo Nance and the vehicle that he was believed to be driving were disseminated to the public and media outlets.

At approximately 8:30 PM this evening, the Joliet Police Department learned that Nance had been located by US Marshals near Natalia, Texas, at which time it is believed that Nance took his own life with a handgun following a confrontation with Texas law enforcement officials.

Identification of the victims and manner of death will be determined by the Will County Coroner’s Office. This remains an active investigation. Further information will be provided once it becomes available.


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