Manhattan Installing Lights Along Route 52

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As the Village of Manhattan has grown and traffic has increased through town, additional safety measures are necessary to keep residents safe.

One such effort is the installation of streetlights along the east side of Rt. 52 between Foxford Drive and Prairie Avenue. The lights will be installed to improve safety and to improve the connections between neighborhoods and local businesses. The funding for this project was supplemented by a contribution from the new McDonald’s restaurant.

“This safety improvement is something the Village has been working on for some time and we are glad that it will soon be a reality,” said Mayor Mike Adrieansen in a press release.

“We are especially pleased to have the assistance of the new McDonald’s owners to defray some of these costs and reduce the burden on our residents.”

The Route 52 lighting project was approved in May 2023 at a cost of $220,950 and involves the installation of 15 street light poles. The project was previously bid out in 2022, but financial concerns at the time delayed action until earlier this year.

With a $30,000 contribution from McDonalds toward the lighting project, the actual work is beginning in October and will be completed this year. In addition, to providing additional safety for pedestrians, the light poles also will have electricity available for decorative lighting around the holidays and other special occasions.

“Our department has worked closely with the Village engineer, the Illinois Department of Transportation, and the contractor and we are ready to get this installation done,” said John Tyk, Village of Manhattan Public Works Superintendent.

“We expect to see workers begin marking off the locations for the new light poles in the coming week or so and installation of the equipment soon after.”


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