WCFB Board Nominations Open for 2024-26

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Three Will County Farm Bureau directors will be elected in the nominating and election process in three districts. The nominating process will begin with this week’s edition of The Farmers Weekly Review. A nomination candidate request form is in this issue. The form is to be returned to the Will County Farm Bureau no later than November 2nd.

Districts electing directors are numbers 1, 2 & 3. County by-law changes in 2018 consolidated Districts 1A, 1B, 5A, 5B, Troy Township from District 3, Joliet Township from District 6 all to form the new District 1. Then combined old districts of Channahon Township from District 3, Jackson Township from District 6, District 4 and Wilton township from the old District 8 into new district 2 and then the final new district which will be called District 3 includes Manhattan Township from old District 8, district 9, District 10 and District 11 and this will now be called District 3.

We also will have 2 board members elected at large for the board and can come from any district in the County and the President will continue to be elected at large as this position has been in the past. The President is elected by the board of directors each year. This year two Directors at large are up for election.

The Nominating Committee will meet on November 15th to select candidates whose names will be placed on ballots to be sent to the voting members in their respective districts.

In addition to the nominations being made by the nominating committee, and through the nomination forms returned from Farm Bureau members (the forms being published in the Farmers Weekly Review & Directions our Electronic Newsletter), voting members will have the opportunity to suggest nominations within a 14-day period after the initial publication of the initial nominees.

Directors are eligible to serve Will County Farm Bureau by residing or farming in their elected districts.

The districts and incumbent district directors are:

District 1: Wheatland, DuPage, Plainfield, Lockport, Homer, Troy, Joliet, New Lenox and Frankfort Townships: Gordon McCoy., for a 3-year term.

District 2: Channahon, Jackson, Wilmington, Florence, Wilton, Reed, Custer and Wesley Townships: OPEN, as Doug Bernhard, has served his tenure on the board.

District 3: Manhattan, Green Garden, Monee, Crete, Peotone, Will and Washington Townships: OPEN, as Rick Johnson., has served his tenure on the board.

Director at Large: Dave Kestel, as this board position can be from either District 1,2 or 3.

All of the above are eligible for re-election. Once the nominating process is completed, the voting members in the respective township will elect their respective directors by secret mail-in ballot.


Nomination Form

TO: Nominating Committee
Will County Farm Bureau
100 Manhattan Road
Joliet, IL 60433

Nomination Candidate Form

I am interested in being considered for Nomination to the Board of Directors for Will County Farm Bureau. I am actively engaged in farming or own farmland that is rented. Districts Electing Officers this year are: Districts 1, 2, and 3 and at large.


Name (please print): ________________________________

Mailing Address: __________________________________


Township ______District # _______

Telephone (_____) ______________

Signature _______________________________________

Membership # 098-__________________

Return this form to:
Will County Farm Bureau
100 Manhattan Road
Joliet, IL 60433

Return on or before Nov 2, 2023



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