Happy Retirement, Roxy!

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Eight years ago, Sheriff Mike Kelley reinstated the Sheriff’s K-9 Unit. Two specially trained canines were the first to arrive and begin their careers in May of 2015. Roxy was one of the two dogs, and she stole their hearts from the beginning.

Roxy, born in Holland, is a Belgium Malinois and was 2 years old at the time. She is certified in narcotic detection, evidence tracking, and odor tracking and has won several top awards while competing in the Canine Olympics, and has successfully assisted Sheriff’s deputies and other law enforcement agencies on hundreds of incidents.

On June 28, K-9 Handler, Lt. Robert Denny, brought Roxy to the Sheriff’s Office for her final day of work. At 10 years old, Roxy is retiring and will spend the remainder of her life living with Lt. Denny and his family.

Lt. Denny shared that he was honored to have Roxy as his partner for the past eight years. They have built a special attachment that you gain being together every day at work and at home. Roxy is very loyal, loves people, has lots of energy, and continuously just wants to work. She’s going to have to learn now that she’s not going to work every day when he walks out the door.

The Sheriff’s Office offers congratulations to Roxy and thanks for her distinguished and dedicated service to our community!


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