Plainfield Central Senior’s Artwork Recognized

Emily Guardado Reyes
Emily Guardado Reyes

Plainfield Central Senior’s Artwork Recognized

Plainfield High School-Central Campus senior Emily Guardado Reyes is one of 50 student artists worldwide whose artwork is showcased in the virtual 2022 AP Art and Design Exhibit.

The exhibit features high school artists from six countries selected from more than 62,000 portfolios who submitted work to the 2022 AP Art and Design Exam in May.

Student portfolios were evaluated based on criteria including inquiry, synthesis of materials, processes, ideas, skills, and a sustained investigation demonstrating practice, experimentation, and revision.

“I didn’t believe it,” Guardado Reyes said about getting the email saying her artwork was chosen.

She was convinced her art wasn’t good enough after she looked at other students’ portfolios, she said.

“This gave me a boost of motivation,” Guardado Reyes said.

Guardado Reyes created artwork steeped in her Mexican culture to show its joy and her pride in her heritage.

The digital art is titled “Las Mujeres de la Manana.”

She was concerned the digital artwork wouldn’t carry as much meaning as a physical piece, Guardado Reyes said.

She used different texture brushes to create the piece which helped make the picture come alive, Guardado Reyes said.

“It wasn’t the computer that generated the forms and emotions, it was me,” she said.

Guardado Reyes is a student in Lindsey Brown’s AP Art and Design class.

She is the first student of Brown’s to be chosen for this honor, Brown said.

“What I learned from working with Emily is keeping things simple and connecting to what is important to you or your life ends up being the most successful and engaging artwork,” Brown said.

“When you put a little of yourself into your artwork, people notice and admire it.”

Artists will be honored in a virtual open house in January 2023.

Visit to see Guardado Reyes’ work.

Story and photo provided by School District 202.


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