Nominations announced for farm bureau directors

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The following nominations for director in the districts holding elections this year. These names will go on the ballots to be mailed to voting members in the respective districts along with others submitted under the by-laws. The Nomination Committee will work on filling the open positions this month.

— District 1: George Beutel (LuAnn Matejcak has served tenure 2023-2025.)

— District 2: Brad Metzger (3-year term would serve 2023-2025.)

— District 3: Don Mulderink (Jeff Brandau has served tenure 2023-2025)

— Director at Large District: Mike Robbins (John Kiefner has served tenure (2023-2025)

The by-laws state that these names will be published in this December 1st of our newspaper, The Farmers Weekly Review. Persons wishing to add names of additional eligible persons as candidates for director in these districts may do so by submitting the name or names to the Will County Farm Bureau office no later than December 8th. At this time, ballots will be printed and mailed to the voting members in each of the respective electing districts.

The board redistricted for this election in 2018, and we have 3 districts with 3 board members for each district, and then 2 directors are elected at large. When up for election, the director at large will be listed in all 3 districts. The President will continue to be an at-large position and will continue to be elected by the board of directors every February. This year we have one director at large up for election. The board still consists of 12 members.

Any name submission must, however, be accompanied by a signed statement from the candidate stating the person is willing to serve if elected.

The official list of candidates will be published in the December 15th issue of Farmers Weekly Review and in the Farm Bureau Directions, which is our electronic newsletter. Election ballots will be mailed to all voting members in each of the respective districts. Voted ballots mailed back must be postmarked no later than January 13, 2023. The election results will be announced at the annual meeting on Saturday, January 28, 2023, that is currently scheduled at the Will County Fair Grounds Atrium.


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